Justin is not only intelligent, he’s also one of the wisest people I know. Yet, the true brilliance of his mentoring approach is that he wouldn’t solve whatever issue you’re going through for you. Instead he would teach you the techniques he would use to think through the problem, how to come up with solutions and handle the risks and unknowns. He draws on his vast experience as an engineer and manager and refers you to relevant written material, and by the end you don’t only have a solution to your problem, you are also better at tackling similar problems in the future, and a little bit wiser.


Dan Caspi

Justin creates an environment where people feel empowered to rise to unfamiliar challenges. He is attentive to qualities in people that they may not be fully aware of themselves and builds on this through coaching to help people recognise the value of their latent skills, and to set them up with the mental models to tackle the obstacles they will face in a new role.


Ashok Menon

I can ownestly say, without a shadow of a doubt, that the WES project and WW platform would not now exist, nor would either have even got off the ground, were it not for Justin’s exceptional skills as a software engineer, software architect, tech lead, and software engineering coach.

If I were trying to get a new project started, or if I were seeking to effect a major pivot in an existing project, then I can think of nobody, internationally, better qualified to provide practical actionable consultation and engineering support.


Mark Harman

Justin is a deep thinker when it comes to software and software organizations. In my time working with GitHub, I was impressed with his creativity and approach to problem solving.… Justin also understands that not only does poor code or architecture contribute to problems down the road, but also poor organizational practices and structures. He’s always able to connect the big picture to the specific problem at hand and find a solution that isn’t just a band-aid.


Phil Haack